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When wishes and dreams collide, love finds a way.

Krisi St. Clare has always lived a life of luxury at her family’s mansion just outside Nashville. But let’s face it, even golden cages start to lose their luster. Desperate for a taste of freedom, Krisi dreams of ditching her scripted debutante life and moves into The Athenian, downtown Nashville’s most luxurious apartment complex.

The Athenian isn’t just a beacon of wealth—it’s a fortress of secrets and the city’s unofficial hub for celebrity gossip. Here, melodies and drama mingle like a well-mixed cocktail.

Brian Streatt is the doorman and manager of The Athenian, armed with a smile that could disarm security alarms and a knack for knowing more about the residents than they do themselves. Beyond managing baggage (literal and emotional), Brian harbors secrets he’s not sure he’s ready to share.

Cue the entrance of Senator Michael Black, a villain with ambitions as shady as an oak tree. His sinister goal? Revenge.

As Krisi and Brian’s lives entangle, they discover the greatest adventures might just happen in their own backyard - or maybe, rooftop. Will the senator ruin Krisi and Brian’s shot at true love?

This heartwarming and humor-filled Aladdin retelling proves that sometimes, the best magic is the kind you make yourself—with a little laughter, a lot of courage, and maybe a touch of Nashville charm.

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